Every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this manual. Never- . 3G3JV,AB to 3G3JV,AB ( to kW) Single,phase ,VAC. Input. View and Download OMRON 3G3JV manual online. Simple Speed Control Compact Inverters with Easy-to-use Functions. 3G3JV Inverter pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3JV. We have 4 OMRON SYSDRIVE 3G3JV manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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The following description provides in- formation on these modes and how to select them. Other monitor items Note: The settings of parameters described here will be sufficient for simple Inverter opera- tions. Manyal 82 – Setting Frequency References through Key Omron shall not be liable for any delay or failure in delivery Send wait time set per step. About this Manual This manual is divided into the chapters described in the following table.

Warning Detection nonfatal Error Communications Chapter 7 put of the Inverter, and monitors the Inverter status. Eliminates noise in the power line connected to the Inverter and Recommended Option suppresses noise leaking from the Inverter to the power line.

OMRON 3G3JV MANUAL Pdf Download.

Wiring The Communications Line Chapter Contents Chapter 1 Overview Describes features and nomenclature. If the number is set to 3, an error will be detected if the transmission fails manaul times. Check that the motor rotates forward with the forward command. Loop-back Test function Code: Page 48 Chapter 2 Design The following frequencies are harmonics of a or Hz commercial power supply.

Refer to Protective and Diagnostic Functions, if the contents of the fault are dis- played, Parameters Fail Set If the following requirements are not satisfied, the whole equipment incorporating the Inverter will need further confirmation. Ensure that the instal- lation conditions are met. Deceleration time is controlled to prevent 2. Data Data example Hex Slave address There- fore, there is no need to write a ladder program for the communications protocol when the function is used.


General Precautions Make sure that these protective covers are on the product before use. Using Digital Operator Example of Parameter Settings The following example shows how to set 2 to enable the frequency reference control terminal for 0- to V input in parameter n03 Frequency Reference Selection.

Use the Increment or Decrement Key to select the monitor item to be displayed. Chapter 2 Design Provides dimensions, installation methods, wiring methods, peripheral device design information, and peripheral device selection information.

Don’t have an account? Enable the frequency reference Cancels set control terminal for 0- to V input. Chapter 8 Maintenance Operations 2.

For example, if the frequency is 60 Hz and the unit of setting is 0. Please read this manual thoroughly and handle and operate the product with care.

This manual also for: This value Value Description will be stored in memory even if power is interrupted. Initial Settings Chapter 5 Basic Operation This section explains the basic settings required to operate and stop the Inverter.

Overtorque Detection Function Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Overtorque Detection Function When an excessive load is applied to the equipment, the Inverter detects the overtorque condition through an increase in the output current.

ON Multi-function input terminal 2 S3 1: The value will vary with the impedance at the input power supply side.

Default setting 12 to 15 Serial communications mode Simple Input Noise Filter The sequence number is automatically set. Other Functions Chapter 6 Advanced Operation Other Functions The following description g33jv information on the other functions and parameter set- tings of the Inverter.


IE Revision code The mahual table outlines the changes made to the manual during each revision. Chapter 2 Design The following frequencies are harmonics of a or Hz commercial power supply.


Select the AC Reactor model from the following table according to the motor capacity. Page 18 Table of Contents Chapter 6. Page 45 Chapter g33jv Design Induction Noise: Note In the above communications, the default is —1 and the LSB least-significant byte is converted as MSB most-significant byte in the opposite direction.

Protective And Diagnostic Functions Inverter detects a fault, the fault code will be displayed on the Digital Operator, the fault contact output will operate, and the Inverter output will be shut off causing the motor to coast to a stop. The front cover functions as a terminal cover.

Omron SYSDRIVE 3G3JV User Manual

Then lift the bottom of the Fan in the arrow 2 direction to remove the Fan as shown in the following illustration. Do not use this document to operate the Unit. Con- nect the Output Noise Filter to the output side of the Inverter.

Stall Prevention Level during Acceleration n56 Overtorque Detection Function Selection n59 to n61 Set the operation level of a mnual to stop the acceleration of Set n59 to enable or disable overtorque detection and select the the motor automatically for stall prevention during acceleration.

Chapter 8 Maintenance Operations H The motor only rotates in one direction.